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What No Dez Bryant Means For Cowboys

Jason Garrett

No one can be sure what to make of these Dallas Cowboys. It’s been a strange offseason so far, from an outside perspective. From the inside, it might be going exactly as planned for the Cowboys. We just don’t know.

Here’s what we do know: most fans don’t really like what’s happened, nor do they understand it. The Dez Bryant release was the latest piece of the puzzle we are struggling to understand. There is a lot to unpack in this whole thing, especially with how Dez talked about “Garrett Guys” on his way out.

As we mentioned the other day, this was likely the plan all along. The team made moves to try and bring in new receivers and when Allen Hurns was signed, it signaled the end of Bryant’s tenure in Dallas. The reasoning might not make much sense, but you have to move on now. And here’s what’s left to think about in the aftermath.

The Cowboys now need help at the wide receiver position. Allen Hurns is a good receiver with a 1,000-yard season under his belt, but there isn’t much star power and maybe that’s OK. There is value in spreading the ball around and not forcing it to one receiver. However, who is your go-to receiver on third downs or in key situations? Hopefully, that works itself out in training camp, it’s tough to worry about that now, but it is a legit concern.

“.. we are now halfway through the cheap contracts of Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott with nothing to show for it yet” – Grimaldi

Perhaps a little bit bigger of a worry is that we are now halfway through the cheap contracts of Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott with nothing to show for it yet. Time is running out to take advantage and the team just kind of blew up the passing game. There’s a new wide receivers coach, two new wide receivers and their best option is now gone.

What remains is the head coach and the offensive coordinator, both of whom are now on the line. Another year of watching the playoffs and both will be part of another failed regime that couldn’t get the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. It seems obvious both thought the offense would be fine without Dez. It’s a gamble, but looking back at how well Dak performed his rookie year when Bryant wasn’t in the lineup and how much they want to run the ball, it’s a risk the Cowboys are willing to take.

The move to let Dez walk also likely carries an impact into the draft. Dallas will surely select a wide receiver in the first three rounds next week, hopefully, a guy to develop into a number one option to grow with Prescott.

It also could mean the Cowboys are going to invest even more on the offensive line. Isaiah Wynn, Will Hernandez or James Daniels look to be the main options in the first round of the draft. The plan now looks simple: add the missing piece on the line, dominate up front, open holes for Zeke and protect the quarterback. They want to make sure their strength is the biggest strength of the team and control games. It worked in 2014 and 2016, now they are asking it to work again in 2018.

This is where we’re at for the Dallas Cowboys, they believe in the running game and their young quarterback. They are just one offensive lineman away from completing the unit and they wanted to make sure Dak Prescott was comfortable with his receiving options going forward; Dez Bryant was not in their plans.

We’ll find out if it was a wise decision or not.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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