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It’s Official – Cowboys Have New WR Corps Template

I mentioned it months ago BEFORE the team cut Dez Bryant. I brought it up again weeks ago right after they cut him. The Dallas Cowboys have a  new WR Corps template and it is not predicated on a dominant, expensive WR1.

Strangely enough, the club had the WR they now want on the roster years ago in Danny Amendola.  However, they sent him packing and he found a pretty nice home in New England where he racked up some gaudy numbers, in the playoffs, where it matters.

It’s a copy-cat league and the Cowboys eventually took notice as it became clear Dez was not going to be nearly as effective without Tony Romo throwing him open. Then Dez got injured and something strange happened to the Dallas passing game, it got better. With no “one” player to focus on Dak spread the ball around and things clicked. The coaches took note.Dak isn’t Tom Brady but he absolutely excels at the underneath passing game and can toss a pretty nice deep ball. Hmmmmm …..

However, the Cowboys have had a dominant WR1 since Jerry has been an owner. Yet the same logic that Parcells used to get Jerry to move away from a 4-3 defense back in the day swayed his logic in regards to a dominant WR1. Money.

“Jerry might not know how to pick a TE in the second round but he knows money.” – Steven Van Over

Parcells explained to Jerry that 4-3 DE’s cost a TON of salary cap but 3-4 LB’s were much cheaper. Jerry did the math and saw a window to make a real football move. He did and the results were, well, mediocre. The point is he made a HUGE change in Cowboys philosophy and money was the straw that broke the camels back. Jerry might not know how to pick a TE in the second round but he knows money.

Fast forward to now. Dominant WR1’s are atop the money tree and as Stephen Jones pointed out in a recent interview there are only about eight of them in the league.When you add the Cowboys desire to solidify their offensive line via a top draft pick and the ensuing cost of such a move the solution becomes obvious. Change the makeup of the Cowboys WR Corps and reap the benefits on the field and in the cap figures as well.

The NFL Draft pundits hue and cry about the Cowboys need to draft a WR1 in the first round was heard well past the end of the first round where pundits and Cowboys Nation alike were eviscerating Dallas for not taking a dominant WR1 in the first round. Those in the know smiled and waited. Sure enough, the WR picks came trickling in and behold! They were not Dez Bryant clones. Instead, the club is gravitating towards solid route runners with sticky hands and complimenting them with guys who can blow the top off the D which in turn expands those underneath zones for Beasley and company.

The club nailed the draft.

It’s done. Time to move on. You may agree or disagree with the tactic but there is no arguing the point. Dallas IS going to rely on their OLine, they ARE going to run the football and they WILL distribute the rock amongst a plethora of targets in the passing game.

Welcome to Foxborough West.

What say you Sports Nation?

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Senior Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Podcaster at SportsTalkLine
Senior Analyst, Editor, Podcaster & Photographer for @SportsTalkLine Network. Started covering the Cowboys on Moved to the same gig here and now head the NFL desk. Catch me on Twitter @StevenVanOver
Steven Van Over
Steven Van Over