Cowboys Should Move On From Terrance Williams

Terrance Williams

Never a dull moment for the Dallas Cowboys; this week’s issue comes via Terrance Williams. The veteran wide receiver was arrested for public intoxication on Saturday morning after police found his crashed Lamborghini. Williams was not at the crash site but was picked up while riding his scooter back to the scene of the accident.

Since the incident, Williams has professed his innocence in a statement, but very few have believed his version of the night/morning in question. Click here here to read Williams’ statement.

Those are the details regarding the arrest, what happens next is anybody’s guess. The Cowboys don’t get any salary cap relief for cutting the wide receiver at this point and if the team did release him, how they save depends on how they designate him. If it’s a pre-June 1st designation, they take a cap hit of $7.25 million this year. A post-June 1st cut means the Cowboys eat Williams’ $4.75 million this year and $2.5 million in dead money next year.

In the end, if the Cowboys get rid of Williams, the money ends up coming out equal and the team will take a loss on his contract. Make no mistake, if the allegations are true, Dallas should say goodbye to Williams.

The Cowboys don’t have a need for a player who was careless enough to get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated, the organization has seen this movie before and it doesn’t end well. It would show a lack of judgment by Williams, especially considering the NFL and the team offer a free service for players to call if they need a ride home.

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Ed note: He wrecked a Lamborghini! That in itself should be a crime. jus’ saying …

If guilty, the Cowboys would look like hypocrites. The organization has preached accountability and having the ‘right kind of guys’ on the team, which means doing the right thing both on and off the field. What would it say about the team if they let this slide and keep Williams? Forget the money, the right thing to do would be to release Williams if he is guilty of these charges. Money is an irrelevant detail.

So is Williams’ play on the field. The Cowboys already, according to some, have suspect talent at wide receiver and losing one of their projected starters would be a blow. Williams is a nice receiver and has done some good things in Dallas, but he can be replaced. The veteran didn’t have a touchdown last year and hasn’t had more than 594 receiving yards in the last two years; the team has plenty of options without him. A group of Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup and Cole Beasley would be fine, especially for a team that wants to run the ball as much as the Cowboys do.

It’s important to remember we don’t have the full story yet and there are a few versions of what happened, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. If Williams is guilty, the league will also have their say, which could save the Cowboys some money if he’s suspended.

Another offseason, another player has put the Cowboys in a predicament. If Terrance Williams has done what he’s been accused of, there is no reason for the team to keep him around. It would be a bad look for the organization.

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It never ends for the Dallas Cowboys and they need to practice what they preach.

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