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Don’t Sweat Zack Martin’s OTA Absence

Zack Martin

The Dallas Cowboys have some of the best players in the game at their respective positions; Dan Bailey, Travis Frederick, Tyron Smith and Sean Lee among them. Another of the best players at any position is Zack Martin and he is currently sitting out the Cowboys’ OTAs presumably because he holding out for a long-term contract.

However, no one should panic over Martin missing these glorified practices. Martin is still getting his workouts in with the team, he’s just not on the field for these walkthroughs. After reading about Hunter Henry’s injury a few days ago, it’s best to play it safe right now. There is no reason to risk putting Martin in a position to suffer any type of injury while he’s working towards a new deal.

Therein lies the key, both the Cowboys and Martin are working on a new contract. There isn’t any dispute or worry about paying Martin, he’s going to get his money, it’s just a matter of when and how much. When it’s all said and done, expect Martin to become the highest paid guard in the game.

It’s well deserved.

The NFL’s best offensive guard has been in the league for four years and in that time he has been named an All-Pro all four seasons. Martin has also started every game during his career and plays almost every single offensive snap; he’ll be rewarded with a big new contract.

Currently, the highest paid guards in the league are Andrew Norwell, who signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason, for five years and $66.5 million, with $30 million guaranteed and Kevin Zeitler, who inked a five year, $60 million extension, with $31.5 guaranteed the last offseason. With Jerry Jones always willing to go above and beyond and the team having plenty of cap space coming up, Martin should eclipse both players’ salaries.

An educated guess would say Martin will be in the neighborhood of a six-year extension for $84 million and about $35 million in guaranteed money. That would keep Martin a Cowboy for at least seven more years.

Neither the negotiations nor Martin missing OTAs is a concern. This isn’t an easy contract for the Jones’ and both sides have been working towards an extension for at least a year. Martin is extremely important to the Cowboys and a deal will get done. In the past, the Cowboys have got new contracts signed just before training camp and we should expect Martin on the field when camp opens, if not sooner.

No one should panic over Zack Martin not being at the organized activities right now. There is nothing to be gained by practicing right now and Martin will be a Dallas Cowboy for a long time. The only question is how much will the new contract be worth?

Zack Martin is one of the best players in the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys will pay him as such. This is much ado about nothing.

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