Cowboys Latest Pre-Camp Legal Casualty

Marquez White

In a seemingly annual event, the Dallas Cowboys got the news on the latest pre-camp, doldrums, casualty as news broke yesterday that CB Marquez White has been indicted/charged with second-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to Reuters, the charges were the direct result of a “road-rage incident that occurred in October.”

The actual indictment was reportedly issued on June 7th with the Cowboys CB being arrested on June 15th. Again according to Reuters, he is currently out on $7,500 bond.

This is a classic case of he-said-he-said with White giving his take on how events transpired via his Instagram account. To quickly break it down, according to White, an “aggressive driver” pulled up next to him and was yelling racial slurs and threats. Then it gets interesting:

“Simultaneously while doing this [the other driver] began to reach towards his glove box and that is when I flashed my weapon,” – Marquez White

However, the driver never displayed a weapon and instead followed White home and called the police. White later turned himself in when he found out about the warrant.

After talking to an attorney in California it seems there is certainly a case for White’s defense. IF (if) White truly felt threatened he has a right to defend himself. White had a gun but the other person was driving a vehicle which is recognized as a weapon when moving. Reportedly (via KDFW-TV) White’s attorney has made it clear the gun was properly registered and Marquez is the legal owner.

The other party has made no public statements (that we can find at this time) as to their specific claims other than what they have alleged to the police which is severely limited in scope other than the charge itself.

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Last season it was LB Damien Wilson who was facing felony charges for “flashing” his weapon in a parking lot in an attempt to waive people off after a parking lot “rage” incident. Where it is true players can (and often do) act aggrandized it’s also true they are often the targets of attacks by people (usually drunk) who have severe anger management issues. The club constantly warns the players about these issues.

This isn’t good news for the player nor the team, yet I am loathe to run up a red flag warning when the actions described seem to be reasonable in today’s hyper-charged racial climate and road-rage realities. Bottom line, it’s another Cowboys pre-camp distraction. They seem to excel in this regard.

What say you Sports Nation?

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