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Jerry Jones Trusts Ezekiel Elliott as Much as “He Trusts Himself”

I was in a pretty good “Cowboys Mood” this morning. The ‘Boys are headed into the pre-camp doldrums with only one PED suspension looming over their heads as a distraction. No six-game suspension, no staggering of suspended players. Heck, Randy Gregory may even get reinstated! Cowboys life was looking up. Then I saw this headline.

Jerry Jones trusts Ezekiel Elliott as much as “he trusts himself” – Jerry Jones

The article was on Yahoo and is penned by Charean Williams from NBC Sports and had a few nuggets that were supposed to inspire confidence. Such as stating the RB has a “new sense of awareness” and that he trusted Elliott as much as “he trusts himself.”  He then immediately walked it back by sharing that Elliott still needs “a talking to,” sometimes daily.

Say what? Exactly how is that supposed to instill confidence that Elliott has turned the page? When “this” man goes out of his way to say he trust Elliott as much as he trusts himself what is he really saying?

Is he saying that Elliott, like Jerry, has finally realized that there are cameras everywhere and as a Dallas Cowboys icon one has to be aware and on their best behavior at all times? Is that his message?

Elliott needs “a talking to”, sometimes daily – Jerry Jones

I get that both Jerry and the writer are trying to make me feel better. Wow, epic fail. It has had the exact opposite effect. Instead, the narrative invites questions. Which days does Elliott NOT need “a talking to?” Why? What’s different about those days? How often are they? What does “a talking to” consist of? Why does anyone who has a functioning brain need “a talking to” on a sometimes daily basis? Is Jerry actually holding himself up as a “trustworthy” litmus test?

The good news here is this is Jerry talking, not Elliott doing anything. However, Jerry may want to explore the world of silence if he is serious about giving Elliott a better public facade. Going out of your way to point out your star RB requires almost daily “handling” does not breed confidence in the player, the team or the season let alone get me to believe the player is on board,

So thanks, Jerry! However, I will continue to check the police blotters. Daily.

What say you Sports Nation?

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