Dak Prescott

Cowboys Dak to Reality

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys had a magical year in 2016. The boys went 13-3 and Dak took the starting quarterback position away from fan favorite Tony Romo. He was accurate, protected the ball, and his stats were off the charts for a rookie. He was an MVP candidate and it’s been a while since we could say that about a Dallas Cowboy.

As NFL Rookie of the Year, he completed 67.8% of his passes and had 29 total TD’s with only four INT’s. Dak was a winner, wowing his teammates with his poise and leadership. Last year we saw a different Prescott as his numbers fell and so did the Cowboys.

It seems like Dak needs a perfect world around him to thrive. When the offensive line is healthy and Ezekiel Elliott is the running back his numbers are very good. When some pieces of the offense are missing he struggles. Through his first eight games last year Dak had 20 total TD’s and only four turnovers. Through his last eight games, he had eight total TD’s and 12 turnovers. In games without Tyrone Smith, the Cowboys went 1-3, and games without Ezekiel Elliott they went 3-3.

In the nine games with both Smith and Elliott playing the Cowboys averaged 28 points per game and in the seven games one of those two didn’t play they averaged just 9.8 points per game. Let me say that again 9.8 points per game. That’s losing football folks.

I understand teams play better when their starters are healthy but CMON! The division rival Eagles just won the Super Bowl missing their starting left tackle Jason Peters and their MVP candidate quarterback Carson Wentz. UGHH! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. It shouldn’t take a perfect scenario for this offense to move and score points and it makes you wonder if primarily, Dak is a product of his surrounding talent.

Dak Prescott is going into his third season and you can’t help but wonder which QB are the Cowboys going to get. This is a crucial year because he is going to be a free agent after 2019. The Cowboys have to figure out if he is a franchise quarterback. The boys did add some quality depth on the offensive line in tackle Cameron Fleming and center/guard Marcus Martin. Maybe an injury on the line won’t lead to the dumpster fire that the Atlanta game was last year when Dak got sacked eight times and fumbled twice.

Maybe it will be addition by subtraction with the Cowboys losing wide receiver Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. The Dak friendly offense is supposed to allow Prescott to go through his reads and throw to who is open instead of forcing the ball into tight windows. Quarterbacks are getting crazy money, see Jimmy Garoppolo and Kirk Cousins, and the Cowboys have a big call to make. We’ve seen the good, we’ve seen the bad, let’s see which quarterback we get in 2018 and if the Dallas Cowboys can get back to the playoffs.

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