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It’s Dez’s world, we just watch it roll by.

To catch up:

Cowboys GM Stephen Jones made a seemingly innocent remark in regards to Dak Prescott and the upcoming season that also had the reverb effect of throwing former players Jason Witten and Dez Bryant under the bus in todays polarized society. If someone states they like blue, the rest of Twitter wants to know why you don’t like red. This is the new norm. Stephen Jones should have known better. That is part of his job. He boned it.

Jason Witten responded the way Witten always has, with class. He let it slide. Dez Bryant responded the way Dez always has, with passion. Bryant uses the wind direction as motivation. It’s how he rolls. He is uber-competitive. I know this. Dez’s former teammates know this. Stephen Jones forget it just for a moment. He remembers now.

By the way, an overview of what Jones commented was how Dak had two alpha dogs in his ear (Witten and Dez) who wanted the ball, like all great players want the ball, and how Dak didn’t respond that well. He went on further to explain how in the new offense that shouldn’t be a problem.

Yep, pretty controversial stuff. Dez then turned it into a vendetta turning around and slamming Sean Lee and Travis Frederick and pinpointing them as the reason he was “out” in Big D.

Could this Peyton Place drama get any more schoolyard?

Lee and Frederick have responded in measured terms both wishing Dez the best in his new endeavors. Lee did mention that perhaps Dez needed to look at himself. Oh, the controversy. The press and social media are aghast. Sirrus XM NFL Radio has kept the flames hot reaching out to Dez with partial quotes and farming sound bites.

That is the entire storyline and when I reread it I am amazed at what makes headlines when there is real football to report on. I feel certain major publications will continue to fuel the fire, fan the flames, and report on it. #facepalm

In real football news, it seems the Cleveland Browns and Dez Bryant may be in the prelude to a prom date.  Invitations have been sent, corsages purchased and now a get together before the dance is being scheduled to see if the two sides have any chemistry when face to face.

This is a direct response to the Josh Gordon no-show as the team is clearly operating in the blind as Gordon deals with some personal issues that are seemingly of the severe variety.

We wish Gordon the best, and absolutely love the Dez Bryant, Cleveland Brown matchup on paper.

Bryant needs to be in the league. He is a talented player who still has gas left in the tank. However, he needs to be in a system and city that fits him. Cleveland may just be that place.

What say you Sports Nation?

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Steven Van Over

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Steven Van Over
Steven Van Over