Cowboys Need An Encore And More From These Players

Lance Lenoir

Forgive the absence for the first preseason week, Cowboys fans, I was busy becoming a father for the first time! Now let’s get this thing rolling again…

Training camp is now in full swing and there have been storylines to follow for the Dallas Cowboys. In the first preseason game, there were a few impressive debuts for some players, which might make us think twice about who the team will keep on the 53-man roster. Predicting who’ll make the Cowboys right now is futile, there are too many variables still left to determine before the season begins. However, we can mention a few players that need to continue their momentum to stake their claim to make the Cowboys.

Lance Lenoir

The young receiver has made quite the impression in training camp and he hauled in a sweet touchdown catch against the 49ers last week. Lenoir was on the outside looking in when camp began but has worked his way into the conversation to become one of the last wide receivers kept. Another strong showing against the Bengals would continue his momentum towards making the roster in September.

Antwaun Woods

Woods appeared to be an afterthought heading into camp, having no substantial playing time with the Titans before coming to the Cowboys. However, Woods has risen through the ranks and was in the 49ers’ backfield on a number of plays. Word has it the team is still looking for help on the interior of the defensive line, but Woods can make that talk dissipate with another impressive performance this week.

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Bo Scarbrough

It was a very good debut for the rookie runner out of Alabama. Scarbrough had a pretty run of 28 yards and ran one in for a score to cap off his night. It’s difficult to tell how the Cowboys will break down their running back/receiver spot, especially with Tavon Austin’s role, but Scarbrough made a case to make the roster after the first preseason game.

There are also players who need step up and make sure they get their butts in gear to stick around when the season starts.

Deonte Thompson

If Lenoir is making this team, someone who appeared earmarked for a roster spot at wide receiver will get pushed off the edge. Despite looking good early in camp, an injury has slowed his momentum and he’s going to need to make a mark soon to claim his spot on the team. Getting back onto the field would be a good start, playing well would be even better.

Chaz Green

Green wasn’t the only backup offensive lineman who looked bad last week against the 49ers, but his reputation for being carted off the field with cramps in camp hasn’t done him any favors. The Cowboys are as good as it gets with their top six offensive linemen, but it gets thin after their best guys. Green’s hold on a roster spot is slipping and the only way to stay with the team is to play better against the Bengals.

Anthony Brown

Brown needs to improve because his play in San Francisco wasn’t good enough. His roster spot is likely safe, but the third-year corner is in danger of becoming closer to the cut line. Getting beat is one thing, but the penalties were a second strike against Brown on a bad night against the 49ers. Brown needs to recover some of his swag from his rookie year to grab a stronghold on the 53-man roster and earn playing time.

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