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It’s a Tuesday during the NFL season, and you know what that means for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, we get to listen to Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones talks about his team with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. You never know what will come out of Jerry’s mouth when he gets behind a microphone and we capture some of the fun for you.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s with Jerry after a loss to the Carolina Panthers to begin the season:

On why Jerry Jones didn’t speak to the media after the game: “I didn’t want to get into any conversations about (Randy) Gregory. I made the decision before the game to not talk.”

Jerry speak: I was pretty upset by how the game turned out, but instead of being part of the feeding frenzy, I decided to leave and not flip out.

Reality: I knew I was going to have to find an excuse for why I didn’t speak after the game and this was the best excuse I could give.

On Gregory’s status: Jones plans for Gregory to be on the field and there’s “no reason to believe he won’t…think chances he’ll be on the field are great.”

Jerry speak: I’m putting my two cents out there, to make all the Cowboys fans feel good so we can all have someone to blame if he isn’t able to play.

Reality: Gregory will be probably be suspended this week; the NFL just loves it when Jones speaks on their behalf.

Jones’ thoughts on the game: We came out of it “healthy, help is on the way with Woods and Irving. It’s important to look at it with balance.” Jerry finally gets to a real answer and says he was “disappointed.”

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Jerry speak: I’m going to talk about something that had nothing to do with the game, the health of players who didn’t play, rather than express how upset I was. I’ll throw “disappointed” in at the end so there’s no follow-up.

Reality: Jones was upset, so he is focusing on the only positive of the outcome against the Panthers, no players were seriously hurt.

On not having the starters play much in the preseason: “It’s tailored towards the availability of the player.” Says availability is as important as talent.

Jerry speak: I made money because you paid to watch second and third string players in the preseason and I got to keep my best players healthy for the regular season.

Reality: Having players available and out of harm’s way is important, but talented players still need to work on their craft. Also, other teams held their players out of the preseason and they didn’t play as poorly as the Cowboys.

On the offense: “Kept thinking the next possession it would look like preseason with our first group.” Jones said he knew Carolina had a “heck of a defense, we knew were going to have trouble (with them).”

Jerry speak: I was hoping Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan weren’t that bad, that they were going to figure it out after at some point. But since they didn’t, let’s give credit to the Panthers.

Reality: The regular season was underway and the Cowboys were not as prepared as they should have been. The Cowboys have a lot of work to do on offense.

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On Dak Prescott’s performance: “I didn’t see Dak having any issues (down the field). I saw us behind the chains, which can compromise any quarterback…he had a couple of throws, if you analyze them, you can see he was in a little of no man’s land.” Jones also stated “If you see him do those things, there’s an old adage for looking and evaluating a player. If you’ve seen them do it a few times, they can do it.”

Jerry speak: I’m not going to blame my quarterback because if I do, the whole thing comes crumbling down. That can’t happen because I’ve seen him do it.

Reality: The Cowboys were behind the down and distance too much and Prescott was part of the problem. He did have accuracy issues, but it’s a little too early to give up on Dak.

On losing their first two games of the season: “Our first two games one of the years we won the Super Bowl, and that really does put added pressure early on.”

Jerry speak: I’m trying to live in the past like the rest of the Cowboys fans!

Reality: This isn’t the 1993 Cowboys, that white knight isn’t coming to save your season if you start 0-2, the Cowboys better beat the Giants or they are in big trouble this season.

On Ben Franklin: “He would get up every morning and make his list. On the left side, he would put all the good things. On the right side, he would put all of the bad things. And if the good things outweighed the bad things, he would jump up and go to his day. Most of the time Ben weighed on the good side.”

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Jerry speak: I’m a modern day Benjamin Franklin!

Reality: Jerry is inventing new ways to stay positive. Or inventing new ways to entertain us. Either way, the Cowboys are 0-1 after a dismal week one performance, don’t lose sight of that fact.

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