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Let’s Find Out About These Dallas Cowboys

It’s time to move past the week one disaster for the Dallas Cowboys. We’re well past the 24-hour rule and you can guarantee the team is focusing to the Giants. The last word on the loss, people seem to forget that Dallas was on the road and an underdog to a pretty good Panthers team. There is no shame in losing, but it’s how the team lost that upset so many fans.

The Cowboys didn’t play well, but it was just one game and it’s what the team does now that matters. How do they respond to getting embarrassed? What happens this Sunday will tell us a lot about these Cowboys. There are several players who need to come back with a better game after subpar performances in Carolina.

Dak Prescott

It was a rough game for Dak, he never looked comfortable in the pocket against the Panthers. Prescott’s footwork was one of his issues, which led to too many inaccurate throws. The receivers for Dallas were getting open, the quarterback just wasn’t putting the ball where they needed to catch it. The offense just won’t work without getting better play from Prescott. The good news is whenever Prescott has struggled, he usually responds with a better game the next week.

Connor Williams

The rookie wasn’t terrible, but he did have some issues in pass protection. Carolina’s defensive line is stout and it was a tough test for a young player who needs to improve his strength. It doesn’t get any easier with the Giants and the mammoth Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison in the middle this week. Getting better execution from players around him will help, but Williams needs to improve in week two.

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Sean Lee

By his own admission, Lee played an awful game. There were missed tackles, bad reads, and mistakes by a guy who usually diagnoses everything perfectly. Hopefully, it was a sign of rust and not playing much in the preseason, rather than eroding skills. Lee plays some of his best football against the Giants, so we should expect a bounce back.

The Coaches

We were told there were new wrinkles and creativity in the offense, but we didn’t see much. They tried some things, but for the most part, we didn’t see the imagination we were hoping for with new concepts. Fans are tired of watching them give up with runs on second and long, or screens thrown short of the first-down marker on third downs. At home, with the crowd and energy behind them, hopefully, we’ll see some more excitement from the offense.


The plays called don’t matter if you’re execution isn’t good and the Cowboys did not do well in that area week one. There were too many penalties and too many mistakes that cost the team against the Panthers. Dallas will have to play a much cleaner game to beat the Giants.

The Cowboys cannot afford to start the season 0-2, which usually kills any chance of making the playoffs. However, the last two times the Cowboys lost their opening game to the season, they went on to make the playoffs. Desperation mode has set in pretty early in the season and it doesn’t help that their opponents are also desperate.

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Its gut check time, let’s find out what this team is about.

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