The Vent: Cowboys’ Season Looks Finished After Loss To Texans

Listening to the announcers, you would think the 19-16 loss by the Dallas Cowboys to the Houston Texans was a good game. If you’re a Texans fan, you love the outcome.

However, if you are a fan of the Cowboys, you are furious. For the third time in five weeks, the Cowboys looked like a bad football team. They cannot turn a corner and play consistently enough to win games.

It was a pathetic showing on national television. It’s hard to win games in the NFL, it’s even harder when you have so many horrible facets to your team. This loss isn’t on any one person, but a number of players, groups, and coaches who continue to crap the bed.

In no particular order, the Cowboys failed in a number of ways against the Texans.

*You can’t win if the coaches coach scared, plain and simple. Jason Garrett can’t punt when his offense is on the 40-yard line and a field goal could win the game. You drafted a running back fourth overall to be a difference maker, let him make the difference. Punting in overtime when you only need a yard to keep the chains moving and giving your offense a chance to win the game was a pathetic decision.

*You can’t win if your coaches don’t put your players in position to be successful. There were some new wrinkles to the play calling, but there were ZERO QB read option plays. That is inexcusable, especially with the aggressiveness of the Texans defensive ends. It’s the one almost unstoppable play the Cowboys run and Dak Prescott gets into a rhythm offensively when he uses his legs.

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*You can’t win if your receivers don’t make plays. The Cowboys have a group of underwhelming wide receivers who rarely make the tough catches. The NFL is a passing league and Dallas doesn’t have the guys to make enough plays to win. Receivers all across the league are making amazing plays, but not the sorry group for the Cowboys. Prescott’s accuracy is an issue, but there were plenty of balls his receivers need to catch to help their quarterback, instead, there were drops. Two drops led to interceptions that could have been avoided; the Cowboys who aren’t strong enough attacking the ball.

*You can’t win games if your quarterback is that inconsistent. Prescott had receivers open and missed on too many easy throws. The quarterback’s footwork looks like a mess and his anticipation is a big issue. Tavon Austin could’ve made the catch on the drop that led to an interception, but Dak missed on the throw. Better ball placement and Austin is still running.

Prescott isn’t making good enough throws to help the Cowboys win games. Its official, the quarterback is part of the problem.

*You can’t win if your organization makes bad decisions. The Cowboys are stuck with this group of receivers because this is how they wanted it. They wanted Dez Bryant gone, they didn’t want to sign any of the good options in free agency, and they chose to not make any bold moves in free agency to improve the team. The organization has decided over the last few years to not be aggressive in player acquisition, we’re now seeing the results.

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*You can’t win if you don’t get to the quarterback. The Cowboys only sacked Deshaun Watson once, against that horrific Houston offensive line, that’s inexcusable. Dallas didn’t put enough pressure on Watson and often let him scramble instead of attacking him in the pocket.

There are a number of problems with this Cowboys team and we’re now five games into the season and they are who they are, a bad football team. There is no consistency, the coaches don’t know how to use their players properly and the quarterback needs major improvement.

It also looks like this team is beyond repair at this point and the playoffs are a pipe dream. Sweeping changes are needed, starting with the head coach. It’s unlikely that happens and Cowboys fans should just accept that 2018 is looking like a lost cause.

On Sunday, October 7th, that’s exactly where things stand for the Dallas Cowboys.

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