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The Vent: Cowboys Waste Opportunities In Sad Loss To Titans

That was sad. Add it to the list of words used describe how bad the Dallas Cowboys have been in their losses this season. On a night where the Cowboys could’ve gotten back into the NFC East and playoff race, the team crapped the bed and squandered opportunities in a 28-14 loss.

It was a game the Cowboys could have sealed away early. Brett Maher missed a short field goal on the team’s first possession, and after scoring a touchdown on their next drive, Dallas found themselves in the red zone again after a turnover. With the Cowboys all but guaranteed points to build a lead, Dak Prescott made a decision that may have determined this team’s fate this season. Prescott threw off his back foot into double coverage and the pass was intercepted in the end zone.

The throw was a horrendous decision on Prescott’s part and it caused a 14 point swing when the Titans marched down the field for a touchdown of their own.

With all the momentum gone, the Cowboys played the rest of the game in desperation mode. However, the team’s play never matched the enormity of the situation on the night. The Cowboys needed to win to gain momentum for the rest of the season but looked like a lethargic group after the interception and subsequent touchdown for the Titans.

It was another subpar performance for Prescott, who continues to give the organization reasons to doubt that he is the quarterback of the future. Prescott held onto the ball for too long without stepping up in the pocket on some occasions and left a comfortable pocket without pressure on others. Prescott’s pocket presence is a major issue right now.

Dak also inexplicably took losses on scrambles when outside the pocket instead of throwing the ball away. There were just too many poor decisions from Prescott in a game where the team needed more from him.

The defense had themselves a bad night as well. There were too many missed tackles that led to important yards for the Titans, the pass defense allowed easy completions and the Titans went 11-14 on third downs; that is straight up embarrassing. The defense made Marcus Mariota look like one of the better quarterbacks in the league, which seemed inconceivable coming into the game.

It was a poor showing from a unit many had considered to be the saving grace for this Cowboys team.

For the first time this season, the Cowboys were embarrassed at home. They had been brutally bad on the road in 2018 but performed well at AT&T Stadium. That changed tonight.

It was a game of blown chances for the Cowboys:

*Missed a short field goal.

*Threw a red zone interception.

*Were 1-4 on their red zone opportunities.

*Turned two straight turnovers in Titans territory into just seven points.

Most of Dallas’ missed opportunities came in the first quarter and the game got away from the Cowboys when they couldn’t capitalize. Dallas should have never lost to the Titans at home after how the first quarter went down. It was an awful final three quarters from a team that was supposed to be playing in desperation mode.

The Cowboys are now as close to finished as they can be on the season. If you can’t beat the Titans at home, there is little hope for the final eight games. All that’s left is the evaluation of the team, especially at the quarterback position. Big decisions need to be made and Dak Prescott’s time is running out as the answer at QB.

Scott Linehan and Jason Garrett aren’t in a much better position after another pitiful performance. Time is running out on the season, and perhaps, the careers of these coaches in Dallas.

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