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Should Giants Sign Dez Bryant?

Headline-grabbing moves by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is nothing new but has Jones ever grabbed headlines by releasing a player? Dez Bryant, who some would argue was one of the top wide receivers in the game and a potential future Hall of Famer was released by the Cowboys today. While some players are trying to court Bryant via social media it has been reported that Bryant wants to exact revenge on his former employer by playing the Cowboys twice a year. Translation Bryant wants to sign within the NFC East.

From the Giants perspective signing Bryant is a unique proposition. While the Giants had a 3-13 season in 2017 it was not because of lack of talent at wide receiver. Odell Beckham Jr and Brandon Marshall were hurt most of 2017, Sterling Shepard had a productive season and Evan Engram could have a breakout season in 2018 at tight end. With that amount of talent, Bryant might not get enough targets if Bryant joined Big Blue.

There will be two issues in what type of contract Bryant would demand from his new team.  One issue is the amount of money Bryant would want because in 2017 Bryant’s contract paid him 13 million dollars. It seems difficult to see the G-Men shell out top dollar to sign a player for over 10 million dollars to just be the number 2 wide receiver.

The second issue with Bryant’s contract would be how long the contract would be. Odell Beckham Jr. is entering the final year of his rookie contract and after the trade talk died down it looks like OBJ will be signed to an extension with the Giants. If that is the case the G-Men are less likely to lock up a veteran wide receiver to a long-term deal.

The ideal situation in which David Gettleman and the Giants sign Bryant would be a team friendly contract. The contract would have to be about 8 million a year with at most 2 years on the contract. The reason for the second year would be to provided insurance if OBJ does not come back to Big Blue in 2019.

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