Why is Eli Manning Not Suspended?

Eli Manning

Eli Manning has not played a game yet but some might argue that Eli picked up his first loss in 2018. In an out of court settlement, Manning made an agreement to provide compensation for memorabilia that was sold as “game used” when the memorabilia was not game used. There have been several instances when an NFL player is already punished before the player is dealt with by the judiciary system, yet after this action in Eli’s case, Manning will face no punishment. There is a speculation as to why the 37-year-old quarterback is not being punished and there are two major reasons.

It was a civil case

Many of the players who have been suspended in the NFL have either violated a drug policy or could have been facing potential jail time. Manning, if he was found guilty, would not have served any jail time the penalty would have been Eli cutting a check to the plaintiff. Because this case was a civil manner there was no precedent to punish Manning because of a lawsuit. Also, the NFL could open up a pandora box because if Manning was suspended because of a civil matter this could open up an NFL player getting suspended for a civil manner. Situations such as litigation over business deals and even a car accident could cause a player to be suspended by the NFL.

Was not an act of violence

Some of the most controversial suspensions involving players such as Ray Rice, Josh Brown, and Ezekiel Elliott could all be filed under the domestic abuse/ violence category. These acts were considered so heinous that sponsors were ready to stop advertising for the NFL. Once the sponsors threaten to walk the NFL acted. In the Manning situation, no sponsor threatened to leave over Eli potentially peddling false memorabilia.

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