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Janoris Jenkins Conundrum

Janoris Jenkins

Over the past several years several NFL players have been involved in ugly incidents that occurred off the field that impacted the players on the field. There have been various incidents of domestic abuse and even murder charges that caused players to be suspended for multiple games. Now, unfortunately, and indirectly, a member of the New York Giants became embroiled in a tragic and troubling situation and that person is Janoris Jenkins.

The first and most relevant issue that causes concern is that someone died at Janoris Jenkins house.  The individual who lost his life is named Roosevelt Rene, who is also known as a music producer named Trypps Beatz who was 26 years old and from Spring Valley, New Jersey. While the passing of anyone in their 20s is beyond unfortunate how Rene died compounds the grief in this situation.

The method of Rene’s death adds a second layer that makes the event more painful for Janoris Jenkins and that is Rene’s death was allegedly at the hands of William Jenkins, Janoris brother. William Jenkins has been previously arrested and has spent time in prison. William Jenkins will face a trial and could potentially return to prison.

Even though Janoris Jenkins was in Florida at the time of the incident there will be ramifications for Jenkins. The first consequence is that the media will ask Jenkin’s and his Giant teammates’ questions about this incident each time there is a key development in the trial of William Jenkins. How much this strains Jenkins and Big Blue will be determined by how Jackrabbit plays on the field.

Jenkins, a Pro Bowl corner, will also need to be extra cautious off the field and here is the reason why. If Jenkins or one of Jenkins associates is in another ugly off the field incident a pattern of troubling behavior will be established. There are two negative reactions to a 2nd dramatic incident. First, would be even more media scrutiny on Jenkins and the G-men and having to answer questions. Second, the NFL could be more prone to punish Jenkins because Jenkins was involved in another incident that tarnishes the NFL’s shield.

While there are hypotheticals the reality is that an individual lost their life at Jenkin’s house. This event was unfortunate and troubling and all we can do is wait and see the full ramifications for Janoris Jenkins and William Jenkins and the New York Giants

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