Eli May Be ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Talent but Giants Still Need to Establish Running Game

There are few Giants fans as committed as their young fans, whose hopes and dreams, from September to December, and possibly January and February, hang on their favorite team. One such fan is Jack. Jack is 10.

Jack was born into a Pittsburgh Steelers home. His parents have terrible towels and Steeler-logo steering wheels.

When Jack was 8, he bravely approached his father, explained that he had to speak to him in private and confessed his allegiance. “Dad,” Jack said, biting his lower lip, “I’m a Giants fan.”

Two years later, more mature and confident than ever, Jack is true for the blue. So, when this writer needed a real fan’s insights into the 2018 year, I asked Jack. I caught him for a phone interview in his mother’s car, on the way to his own football practice. I was appreciative that Jack was able to make time for me, considering that he had to mentally prepare for his own preseason practice.

“Well,” Jack said, “the Giants are coming off a really bad year. It was a really bad year, Steve,” he repeated. “But now they have Barkley,” meaning Saquon Barkley, the rookie running back who, despite currently nursing an injury, showed his talents in a 39-yard run from scrimmage in the preseason opener against the Browns.

When asked about Barkley’s injury, Jack took it in stride: “It’s still preseason. It’s a minor injury. He’ll be back.”

In considering the #2 spot for the quarterback position, Jack believes “it’s gonna be [Davis] Webb.”  Webb was weak against the Browns but looked strong against the Lions last Friday. “He was just drafted last year. He was just drafted. He’s got lots of progress to go,” Jack added. “Lots of progress.”

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Regarding Giants starter, Eli Manning, Jack noted that “Eli is still nice. He’s a nice… he’s a decent quarterback. He’s got one-of-a-kind talent. I remember last year, I got a magazine, a football magazine. And in the back, there were all these stats about the Giants. And Eli was there. He holds the record for touchdown passes, for passing yards.” Jack clarified that while he could not recall the title of the magazine, he recalled that it was specifically about the New York Giants. When I asked Jack how long he thought Eli would continue to play for, he could only say that he hoped it will be for a long, long time.

In response to my question about what he wants to see next from the Giants, Jack says that, at this marker, two games into the preseason, he is ready to see OBJ (Odell Beckham Jr.) play. Jack wants to see “how good OBJ will be after last year,” and he’s curious about his contract, and whether it should be extended or not.

As far as his concerns, Jack was firm on the point that the Giants really need to establish their running game. But like Jack said himself, now they have Barkley. So hopefully, that should be taken care of.

I’ll be back with more young analysts and their take on the Giants. So stay tuned. Ya never know what you’re going to find out.

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