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The Issue of the Giants Offensive Line in Week 1

To say the New York Giants’ offensive line is a work-in-progress is an understatement. Nate Solder at Left Tackle, Will Hernandez at Left guard, Patrick Omameh at Right Guard and Ereck Flowers at Right Tackle with Jon Halapio unifying the line at center.

One could say that this is a motley crew. That’s not an insult. It’s intended as a caution. These guys need to gel. And they need to gel soon.

Solder, new to the team, is seasoned. Omameh, the rookie, is not. Hernandez is established in his position, Flowers, relearning the right tackle footwork, is not. While the New York Giants’ offensive line looked initially strong against the famed Jacksonville pass-rush Sunday, there were too many defensive penetrations, leading to too many rushed passes affecting Manning. But as predicted, the Jaguars persistent defense wore the New York Giants offensive line down. The Jaguars were getting through to Eli. That must have stung on several levels.

Earlier in the training camp, Jalen Ramsay, the Jaguar’s cornerback, openly criticized Eli Manning’s ability as a quarterback. Manning responded with a rare dis, saying “who?” as if he had never heard of the player. As if Jalen Ramsay did not even exist.

Ramsay’s poke was given support by a powerful Jaguars defense. Manning threw well, but his timing was off due to pressure.

If Eli Manning and the New York Giants are going to seriously squash league critique, the O-line has got to become one. They must become the wall that Manning needs for the time to throw. They need to become the tidal wave that spreads open holes for Saquon Barkley to run through.

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Come O-Line. Get your gel on. Let’s go!

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