The Giants were Offensive in Dallas in Week 2

Eli Manning

In a game that brought flashbacks of the dreaded 2017 season the New York Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys 20-13 mainly because of a lackluster performance by the offensive unit. One part of the G-Men’s roster that is being heavily critiqued for the loss is the offensive line which has become a regular occurrence over the last several seasons. The ground game was non-existent, even with Saquon Barkley in the backfield for the G-Men, as the Giants gained only 35 yards on 17 attempts. Protecting the quarterback was also another blatant weakness this week as the Cowboys defense tallied 6 sacks in the game.   

Eli Manning can also take part of the blame as he connected with Saquon Barkley 14 times through the air but for only 80 yards. It appeared that Eli did not feel comfortable throwing to his receivers so Manning settled for Barkley as the check-down option. While it is well documented that Saquon Barkley is a tremendous athlete the Cowboys defense was honed in on stopping Barkley and sent multiple guys to stop the rookie either on a rush or pass.    

One pivotal question lingering right now for the Giants is how much longer.  How much longer will Eli Manning be the Giants starting quarterback? How much longer will Big Blue subject there fans to dreadful play where the only benefit is a high draft pick? How much longer until the Giants play a meaningful football game? How much longer till the Giants are considered the laughingstock of the NFL if this play continues?  

Tom McAlister
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