Giants BJ Hill – Another Rookie Starting to Shine

He likes to be referred to as ‘the other guy’. 

New York Giants’ rookie Defensive Tackle, B.J. Hill is an unassuming presence off the field. he does not seek the spotlight. He prefers the shadows where those who want to work hard and focus on what it takes to be a crucial player on a team hang out.

On the field, it’s a different story. B.J. Hill was drafted out of “college football’s most ferocious defensive front,” according to Tom Rock of  That said, B.J. Hill knows what it takes to play as part of a unit. In an interview with Newsday, Hill said, “I have to know my role and they’ll know their role. That’s how I fit in.”

“I have to know my role and they’ll know their role. That’s how I fit in.” – B.J. Hill on being part of a unit

The New York Giants love Hill’s work ethic, but they also hope to see him shine in the Defensive End position, making more rushes and stopping the sweep plays. He has good technique and solid instincts. Hill is unusually well-qualified for a rookie. As a result, the team is noticing.

What does Hill notice? B.J. Hill recognizes the talent he has beside him on the line. He sees the team, and he sees his role within that team. He says he’s “excited” to be part of the New York Giants’ defensive unit.

I’d say the New York Giants are pretty psyched to have him there, also.

Let’s go!

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