New York Giants running back takes a hand off from Eli Manning

The Roller Coaster that is the New York Giants Offense

At the end of the 2017 season, the New York Giants biggest concern heading into the offseason was the offense. Revamping the underperforming offense was a priority this offseason as David Gettleman signed offensive tackle Nate Solder and drafted running back Saquon Barkley and guard Will Hernandez. To ensure the future of Big Blues offense Odell Beckham Jr. was signed to a 5 year 95 million dollars.

4 games into the 2018 season and having a 1-3 record the brunt of the critiques and blame for the Giants struggle is directed towards the offense. The Week 1 loss against the Jaguars the criticism was the inability to finish off drives as the G-Men settled for 3 field goals and only scored on a 68 yard Barkley touchdown run. Week 2 the 6 sacks by the Cowboys defense lead to the lambasting of the offensive line. While going against one of the lowest-rated defense in the NFL at home the G-Men only mustered 18 points.

Making matters worse OBJ called out the offense as Beckham Jr said that Big Blue needs to throw the ball over 20 yards and play with heart. Those are comments that can cause controversy and potentially fracture a locker room.

While there has been criticism of the offensive line and the play of quarterback Eli Manning there is one way to rejuvenate the offense and that is to have a consistent running attack. This would involve the Giants offensive line playing better but the Giants need to be multidimensional. Saquon Barkley needs consistent runs of 4 to 5 yards that wear out the defense and eats up time of possession. The ground game will also open up the play-action pass and allow for throws 20 yards plus down the field.

The starting performance for the Giants has been dreadful but for the G-Men, they have 12 more games or 12 more opportunities to remedy the situation. The offense could gel and provide what Big Blue has been lacking for the last two seasons.

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