Breaking News: OBJ passes to Barkley for a TD

Eli Manning found his best receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. behind the line of scrimmage for a completion. OBJ then found his newest favorite receiver, Saquon Barkley, racing down the right side, and wide open. Forced back, Beckham threw off balance while fading back and still tossed a perfectly thrown pass right into Barkley’s hands on the run. Barkley didn’t have to miss a step. One futile tackle attempt forced Barkley to the sideline but not out of bounds. The rest was a matter of delivery.

On the surface, it was a well-executed trick play. But looking deeper, it was like a passing of a torch, as three generations of New York Giants combined for a much-needed TD. The elder statesman, Manning, passed to his seasoned veteran receiver, OBJ, recently securing his place in NFL history with great play and a huge contract, Beckham, then, passed to the rookie, Saquon Barkley, a humble, wide-eyed, hard-working player who is proving his own worth in the league, game by game.

And the energy of the play was essential. The New York Giants needed this offensive spark to inspire them. The giddy thrill of Beckham and Barkley as they celebrated their flawless play was like watching two kids having a great time playing a game.

Awesome play!

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