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Never Too Few Seconds On the Clock to Blow a Lead

Seasoned New York Giants fans know that there is never too few seconds on the clock for Big Blue to blow a lead. That sentiment almost came true today, as the 3 and 8 Giants defense slept on a double reverse hand-off relay by the division-leading 8 and 3 Bears leaving Tariq Cohen tossing a touchdown pass to Anthony Miller to tie the game with no time left on the clock.

Touchdowns automatically include the point-after attempt, which Chicago nailed, sending the game into overtime.

Sterling Shepard missed a well-thrown pass by Eli that could have created a go-ahead touchdown. This led to Rosas kicking a field goal. Somehow, Giants defense held on long enough to stop the bears in their attempt to score.

The now 4-8 Giants can lift their heads high. Beating the Bears was Big Blue’s most formidable win of the season. And should go a long way in spiriting the team to more cohesive play and a good vibe going forward.

Cheers to Big Blue!

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