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What if… the New York Giants Win ALL of their Remaining Games?

Let’s play a game: What if…?

What if…  the 4 and 8 New York Giants… WIN ALL OF THEIR REMAINING GAMES???

Hey – play along. It’s just a game!

Look, it’s actually not as far-reaching an idea as it sounds. Okay, so it sounds pretty far out there but, hear me out:

This week Big Blue visits a beaten and beleaguered Washington squad. The Redskins have lost two quarterbacks to injury. Sanchez is at the helm of a team with few remaining offensive choices: Adrien Peterson for the running game or Jordan Reed on a passing game. The Giants just need to shut down their offensive options, and then pound a defense weak against the run with, Saquon Barkley! Barkley is almost always good for at least one breakout play during a game that often leads to points. So, that’s hopeful.

When Manning doesn’t hand off to Barkley, he should look for his under-performing, under-utilized, highest-paid wide receiver, OBJ in the end zone. OBJ is looking to add to his own and the team’s touchdown catches. Fantasy football teams are also desperately eager for that, too.

The Redskins are a weak 6-6 team. They are beatable. Giants can win this one.

The following week, Big Blue will host the Titans who pummeled the Jaguars this past Thursday night at home. The Titans, now 7-6, are as good a team as any depending on the day;  they can either come out hot as hell or pancake flat. The Giants need to put pressure on the QB and shut down the running game. Yes, I said shut down the running game – Derrick Henry who just ran for 238 yards and four touchdowns against the Jaguars. So, that won’t be the easiest task, and the Giants will have to really step up their defense. However, it is a home game for the Giants, which, we have seen, means absolutely nothing.

Still. The Titans are beatable.

Once again, the Giants O-line needs to play let’s pretend we’re an impenetrable wall and then BE THAT WALL. If Manning has the time, and Barkley gets the holes, the Titans could fall.

The Colts are also a 6-6 team. They’re beatable. They’re good but they’re beatable. ’nuff said.

Big Blue’s final game is against their arch division rival, the Cowboys. While the Cowboys are strong, they’re only 7-5. And, to be honest, they have not had the toughest schedule. In fact, their toughest game was against the Saints, who they beat in an uncharacteristically low-scoring game. That could indicate a Dallas growth spurt, meaning that the Cowboys could be on a confidence-boosting roll. Win streaks come and go. The Cowboys have not been tested by many tough teams. The Giants can be tough on a good day. Okay, a very good day. But it can happen. So, logically pursuing that premise which I just threw out there, it could happen against the Cowboys.

At the same time, the New York Giants seem to be enjoying a growth spurt of their own – that win over the 8-4 bears?!?!  Sick! They proved that beating good teams is doable! It’s doable.

So, if you think about it, the what if…  maybe isn’t such a far-fetched notion.

So let’s play:

If the Giants win the rest of their regular season games they would finish with an 8-8 record. If the rest of the teams in their division lost the rest of their regular season games, the Giants win the division!

Let me repeat that – there is a mathematical possibility that the Giants could actually win their division.

Crazy, right?

Like I always say, ya never know…..

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