Disaster Draftersize – Panic and No Off Season Christmas

Draft Disaster in Big D?

The NFL Combine has come and gone, leaving Off Season Christmas, otherwise known as the NFL Draft, just around the corner! Six (maybe more) shiny new presents await the Cowboys Nation faithful as Dallas has the 18th pick in the draft and a laundry list of possible first rounders.

The first rounder is the most important pick of the draft. Like winning the big game in college, you can miss on everything else, but if you beat the cross town rivals your good for another year! The list of possible first rounders being linked as potential Dallas targets grows by the day. Our talent base should improve as we get another solid first rounder on the field in 2014! Life is good, what a great day the NFL Draft is! Our team ….

….. Hold That Line Of Thought! Hit the brakes, pop the chute! In our due diligence of daily web research, we came across a mock draft by Don Banks of Sports Illustrated. Why am I going out of my way to mention this particular Mock? Is it because of Don Banks credentials (they are quite impressive)? Is it because it is a scenario that makes sense for the teams involved that pick before Dallas (it does)? There are actually eight, precise reasons. Let’s review them.

  • Eagles take OG Chance Warmack with pick #4
  • Titans take OG/C Jonathan Cooper with pick #10
  • Dolphins take DE/Freak Ezekiel Ansah with pick #12
  • DE Bjoern Werner goes to Tampa Bay with pick #13
  • DT Sheldon Richardson goes to the Panthers at #14
  • OLB Jarvis Jones snapped up by the Saints at #15
  • S Kenny Vaccaro goes to the Rams at #16
  • OT D.J. Fluker to the Cowboys at #18
Two blue chip guards, gone. Three defensive linemen with skills, out of here. The best safety on the board, no longer an option. Freak athletes that can change a game, previously selected. A freaking right tackle at 18? Nothing against Fluker, and no offense to Parnell, as we do need a RT. But if the draft breaks down the way Banks predicts, we could be left with a choice of taking a safety ranked for much later at 18 (Elam, Cyprian, etc) or trying to find a trade down partner with everyone knowing that our golden geese have all fled the pond. The talent pool drops off the edge of the cliff about pick 15. Dallas is at 18, just over the precipice. We need a drop. If we don’t get one, we need a plan.
What do you do if this happens Cowboys Nation? Stick with the need and reach a bit down for Mingo (might not be such a reach) or one of the remaining safeties? Or stick with BPA and take Fluker or a WR or ….. What would you do?

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