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Football is here ladies and gentlemen! This is the first year anyone can say ” The Philadelphia Eagles are returning as the Super Bowl champions.” This year the team has a target on their back and will be receiving everyone’s best shot week in and week out. This post is going to break down every game on the club’s schedule and by the end will reveal the schedule outcome and what the team can do in the quest to repeat as champion.

Week 1 vs Falcons

This game has the ability to become a shootout real quick. By this point, everyone knows Carson Wentz won’t be playing and the team will be resting on the shoulder of the Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. This worries me a bit because I don’t believe Nick can keep pace with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The energy in the stadium is honestly the Eagles biggest weapon to open the season with the crowd being hyped up from celebrating the Super Bowl. Let’s hope the defense and a big play from Sproles in special teams or 3rd down proves me wrong and returns the victory.

Falcons beat Eagles: 30-17

Week 2 vs Tampa Bay

The Eagles are coming off a season-opening loss at this point and facing a Winston-less Buccaneers. This has blowout written all over it. I think Mike Evans has a decent game but it’s still not enough to overcome a big game from Clement, Agholor, and Ertz.

Eagles beat Buccaneers: 23-14

Week 3 vs Colts

The Colts are coming into this season with a weak defense, no number 2 in the WR corp, a weak run game, an offensive line that’s unproven, and Andrew Luck who has been on the shelf for more than a year. I don’t think he has it together by week 3 to make a real scare for the defending champs and I think the club pulls away at home and wins this game without much stress.

Eagles beat Colts: 35-10

Week 4 vs Titans

Yours truly will be at this game which scares me as the Kiss of Death when I show up in public at Eagles games. However, Marcus Mariota would worry me more as a Titans fan. I believe the defense can swallow up their run game and put Super Mario on his heels all game.

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Eagles beat Titans: 21-14

Week 5 vs Vikings

Skols vs Foles chants will reign down from the crowd at the Linc all day. This is a revenge game for Minnesota who is looking to prove they were better than that 38-7 beatdown we gave them in the playoffs. The game will be close but the Vikings will pull away at the end with a Diggs touchdown to win it.

Vikings beat Eagles: 17-10

Week 6 vs  Giants

Breaking news, Carson Wentz is back! This is going to give the Eagles a much-needed boost after last week. The issue is the double move on our cornerbacks was a big issue last year and it shows up again in this game I expect a big game from OBJ and Barkley to prevail leading the Eagles to their first losing streak of the season. look for Wentz to also be a little rusty in this game.

Giants beat Eagles: 24-10

Week 7 vs Panthers

Carson comes out this game ready to prove the harsh Philadelphia media wrong. I expect a 350-yard game and 3 TD’s.  This is the week we also get Alshon Jeffrey back and the Eagles are moving full steam ahead! I also expect a dominant performance from the defense as the Eagles stuff Cam Newton and this game is really over before the second half.

Eagles beats Panthers: 33-10

Week 8 vs Jaguars

Hello from London! The Eagles jumped across the pond to mix it up in this defensive battle of a game! I don’t expect much offense from either side as this will be the top two defensive teams at this point in the season.

Eagles beat Jaguars: 10-7


Great time to rest after the London trip.

Week 10 vs the Cowboys

There is always a little more energy in Philadelphia when the Cowboys come to town. I believe the defense sets the tone early versus a weak Dallas passing game with two interceptions in the first half and never really allows the Cowboys to use Zeke in this game.

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Eagles beat Cowboys: 28-13

Week 11 vs  Saints

The Eagles have bulletin board material from the Saints saying the team was excited to not face them in the playoffs.  However, I think Drew Brees will have an MVP type performance and hand the Eagles their first loss since week six.

Saints beat Eagles: 33-30

Week 12 vs Giants

The second of two matchups vs the Giants this year. We will be looking to avenge our week six lost. This game will involve Carson Wentz firing the ball around the field and will involve a long TD pass to Mike Wallace. The 4th quarter will involve a big sack and seal the game for the Eagles.

Eagles beat the Giants: 21-17

Week 13 vs Redskins

This game will be a battle of tight ends and pass-catching running backs. There will be only four touchdowns in this game going to Ertz, Reed, Sproles,  and Thompson. However, Jake Elliot will win the game late and give the Eagles a victory.

Eagles beat Redskins: 17-14

Week 14 vs Cowboys

Welcome to this year’s Eagles blowout. Remember last year’s game against the Broncos? I see shades of the same set up in this game. At this point the Cowboys will have an interim coach, Dak will look like a shell of his rookie year, and Zeke will be struggling with those 9 man boxes.

Eagles beat Cowboys: 45-17

Week 15 vs Rams

Another defensive battle in store for the Eagles. Even though there are two high powered offensive squads on the field, this game will come down to the running backs. In that case: Gurley> all our backs.

Rams beat Eagles: 20-14

Week 16 vs Texans

This game will be another battle of great defensive teams. However, Carson will get a game-winning throw late to the rookie Dallas Goedert.

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Eagles beat Texans: 17-6

Week 17 vs Redskins

The final week of the year, if you been keeping track the Eagles have a record of 10-5 leading into this game. I believe we will be battling for the division crown with this exact Redskins team(also 10-5).  The Eagles will pull out a tough victory and we will be crowned the division champ for two years in a row.

Eagles beat Redskins: 21-20

Regular Season record: 11-5

Wild Card Weekend- Eagles beat Redskins: 24-20

Divisional round- Eagles beat Saints: 35-30

Conference Championship- Vikings beat Eagles: 17-14
(last second fumble by Jay Ayaji seals the game)

I hope I am wrong about the outcome of the playoffs. I do believe the Vikings have all the tools to win it all and the Eagles will fall just short of a repeat to the Super Bowl.

From deep in the HEART of Philadelphia, we are swooping down with every bit of Eagles news. Stay tuned and #FlyEagles Fly

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