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Vikings HC Mike Zimmer Playing Hot Hand at QB

Teddy Bridgewater

Being a successful head coach in the NFL means you face decisions on a regular basis that directly impact your won/loss ratio. Bad decisions lead to defeats. Good calls lead to victories. Vikings HC Mike Zimmer has to make several calls in regards to bringing back QB Teddy Bridgewater and he certainly seems up to the task as he clearly put the Vikings fortunes front and center in his decision making process.

15 months after suffering a horrific and what many thought was a career-ending injury Teddy Bridgewater is again practicing with the team. On the physically unable to perform list (PUP) at the moment Zimmer has a small window (one week) in which he has to decide to activate the QB or move him to the IR effectively ending his season. When asked on Sunday if he was ready to make that call he said “I’m prepared.”

But smartly, that’s all Zimmer is prepared to do at this moment. You see while Bridgewater has been rehabbing the team has cruised through the first half of the season and between last years savior at QB Sam Bradford and this years savior QB Case Keenem have themselves at the top of the NFC North with a 6-2 record.

Keenem has been playing lights out since Bradford went down with his non-injury injury (that’s not a typo). Zimmer sees the way the team is playing right now and even though Bridgewater is his guy you don’t want to upset the apple cart and make a change at QB when the guy you have in there now is putting up career highs and the wins are stacking up.

On Tuesday Zimmer went on to explain how he was going to leave all of his options open.

“When I said that, it was more about the decision to activate Teddy. It wasn’t about the decision of who to play,” Zimmer said, referring to comments made Sunday regarding a “decision to make” at quarterback. “I haven’t decided that yet. We’ll continue to take it one day at a time. Just see where he is at, where the team is at, how Case is doing. The whole deal.” – Vikings HC Mike Zimmer

Smart non-move. Because football is the ultimate team sport and chemistry wins more games than individual ability. The Vikes will activate Bridgewater to the 53 man roster and work  him into the  mix slowly. Which is a nice way of saying their going to wait until Keenum cools off before putting a QB who hasn’t had a game day snap for over a year and a half into the game.

It may not be what Bridgewater is wanting to hear but it’s the right call for the team. And if Case Keenum doesn’t cool off? Now we’re back to those decisions again.

What say you Sports Nation?

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