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Falcons and Matt Ryan Get $150 Million Deal Done

NFL Free Agency

The highest paid player in the NFL is Kirk Cousins, I mean  Matt Ryan after he signed a five-year, $150 million samolians extension to his current deal. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero also reports $100 million is guaranteed. That’s a $30 million a year average.


Kirk Cousins’ deal is $84 million over 3 years which is a $28 million a year average, however, Cousins’ entire deal is guaranteed. However, Ryan got an extra $20 million guaranteed in his deal and that is sweet music to NFL players who are way behind their MLB and NBA brethren in contract security.

Ryan isn’t going anywhere, he is fully dialed in and has talent around him. The immediate future looks bright.


Whenever one player eats up that much cap space the team’s window of opportunity to win it all shrinks rapidly. Football is the ultimate team sport and you have to surround your QB with weapons and balance it with a competent defense. A marquee QB sells tickets and keeps the team in contention however unless you compliment him with talented players you end up with results like the Dallas Cowboys got with Tony Romo. Winning regular season stats wars isn’t the goal, hoisting the Lombardi is.

Big time congrats for the Falcons fan base, the team and of course, Matt Ryan and his heirs. Well done!

But IMO … that Super Bowl just narrowed to 2 years.

What say you Sports Nation?

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