VanderShark EP3 – Khabib vs Conor & NFL week 6 Predictions

Welcome to another episode of VanderShark! In VanderShark sports show Van And Sharkey take a fresh look at sports events that happened the previous week and will predict the outcome of NFL games that will happen next! See the list of topics below.

In today’s episode Van and Sharkey will talk about:
1. 1:17 – Khabib Nurmagomedov’s and Connor McGregor’s UFC 229 Fight. Van and Sharkey discuss what was the downfall of McGregor’s gameplan.

2. 4:46 – NFL – New Orleans Saints – How Drew Brees incredible performance (and his 500th touchdown) spoiled the day of Saints punter Thomas Morstead.
3. 8:19 – Barley Forge NFL Game of the Week – Giants vs Panthers. Van and Sharkey will share with you what made this game so special?
4. 15:46 – Browns v Chargers – Who is your pick in this game? Will you go with Van’s Browns Or Sharkey’s Chargers?
5. 17:36 – Pats v Chiefs – Do you agree with Sharkey’s statement that “Patrick Mahomes has more weapons [in his arsenal] than Tom Brady”?
6. 18:53 – Bears v Dolphins – Who is your pick in this one? Van and Sharkey provide insightful analysis to why they made their picks.
7. 22:42 NHL Spotlight – Ducks v Redwings – What does Sharkey have to say about the atmosphere in the Ducks Powerhouse, the Honda Center? Listen to what should we be looking forward to this NHL season and much more!

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