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Buccaneers Cut Ray Finkle … errr … 2nd Round Pick Aguayo

Sebastian Janikowski

After missing a 47 yard field goal and again going all Ray Finkle on an extra point attempt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally admit their 2016 NFL Draft mistake and cut beleaguered kicker Roberto Aguayo.

I made the call at the time the club made the “need” pick.  Yes, the Bucs had lost more than a handful of games due to the kicking game.  Spending a high round pick on need versus talent gets you more frustration, not less.  Hopefully the Bucs front office has (finally) learned this and one other important NFL truth

Unless your name is Al Freaking Davis don’t draft a kicker with a pick out of the first three rounds. Resist the impulse. You are not a genius football talent evaluator.  He was.  You are not certifiably crazy.  He …. well – #ComeOnMan- the hair, the track suits!  You are not allowed to make such a NFL Draft selection unless WHEN YOU DO IT you wear an old 70’s track suit. You do that you’re golden.

Al Davis was acutely aware that kickers (for the most part) are not football players. They are odd rare birds that require delicate handling. They need a special environment to succeed. The former Bucs second round pick got nothing but pure pressure in Tampa. Without the weight of being the clubs savior the talented Aguayo will almost assuredly show up elsewhere and after a time rebuilding his damaged psych will probably have a long career in the league.

Somewhere … Al Davis is laughing.

What say you Sports Nation?

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