Immediate Reaction to the Buccaneers Loss

If Head Coach Dirk Koetter does not get fired at the post-game press conference then there is no justice for Bucs fans.

What is up sports friends?  I’m back and embracing my role as Buccaneer’s wartime consigliere.  There is no greater enemy to the Buccaneers success that soon to be former head coach Dirk Koetter.  The brazen stupidity of his calls this season has been painful to watch.  Last week he pulled play-calling duties from his offensive coordinator Todd Monken and the offense has the worst scoring output of the season – 3 points.  This week with Monken calling the plays again the Buccaneers scored 35 points!  That is just the most recent example of DK being terrible at his job.  He folded to fan pressure and benched 24-year-old franchise quarterback Jameis Winston for 35-year-old career backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, and kept him as the starter for a 4th game, even after he lost 3 straight games.  Granted it’s not all Fitz’ fault but it is Koetter’s.  Fitz play was not good enough in any game to justify keeping the face of the franchise on the bench in a make or break season.  He needed to put his ego aside but instead, he hoped Fitzpatrick could pull out wins that would justify the benching of Winston, but in reality that was never the correct path for this organization.  Predictably, Jameis finally got back in the game today and showed who is the better QB.

If Koetter doesn’t get fired at the post-game presser then there is no justice for Bucs fans.

I’m currently daydreaming of him standing at the post-game press conference delivering another, “we all deserve to get fired” speech and mid-sentence Jason Licht cuts his mic and fires him.

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