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Rams Front Office – .500 Ball Personnel Moves Continue

Janoris Jenkins Trumaine Johnson

With a former head coach/control freak solidly in the rear view mirror Showtime faithful are looking forward for the first time in years and it feels good. However recent non-events in the Los Angeles Rams front office make it abundantly clear the gift that was Jeff  “.500” Fisher is one that keeps on giving. Or was he merely the symptom of a deeper malaise?

With top NFL and Rams CB Trumaine Johnson (again) watching the deadline for a long-term deal pass the highly professional playmaker has professed how he was hoping for a different outcome.

“I wanted it big time.” – Rams CB Trumaine Johnson

So while fans watch the best DT in the NFL sit at home waiting for a new deal even management believes he deserves another cornerstone player who is highly respected in the NFL figures his future is elsewhere.  Exactly how much quality mileage do you expect to get out of a player whose team has made it clear renting is a better option than buying in the housing market right now?

This is not an isolated situation for the Rams front office. Flash back to a very short few years ago when Jeff Fisher explained the salary structure of the team just didn’t allow them to pay Janoris Jenkins market value as they watched a top value draft pick walk. That’s .500 ball front office logic all credited to the former Head Coach yet it’s in full swing today.

The team can point the finger at Jeff Fisher all they want for their recent losing runs however the organization kept Fisher on the job and to be frank has been playing losing ball since making the Divisional Playoffs  in 2004.  The club won 64 of 192 games in that span (33%). They have a disgruntled top tier CB they can’t afford to resign next year due to the franchise designation escalation, they’ve got one of the best DL in football getting out of shape and closer to an injury by the day and they have a history of making these moves.

Yep .. it’s all Jeff Fisher. Sean McVay is the total answer.

What say you Sports Nation?

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