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Still No Deal for Rams DT Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald

In just a few days the last slate of games of the 2017 NFL Preseason will be played. It will be a rare well-known skill position player that sees the field this week and in truth any starter that has their position locked down and is of high value to the team will not be snapping up a chinstrap.

For the Los Angeles Rams and All-World DT Aaron Donald there is more urgent reason he won’t be on the gridiron this weekend. He has yet to see a practice field since the beginning of camp as he sits out waiting for a new deal and there are no rumbles of any solution forthcoming in the contract impasse.

To recap all the known facts:

  • Donald is still under his rookie contract
  • Both sides agree Aaron had far outplayed it’s value
  • Both sides agree a new deal needs to be done now
  • That is all both sides agree on

Unlike the Pittsburgh Steelers and their RB who wasn’t even under contract the team has played nice in the press and likewise so have Donald and his representatives. This bodes well for the long term success of any deal, when it eventually gets done.

And there’s the rub. A deal is going to get done. Donald is going to get paid. The Rams are going to sign the checks. However each day he sits at home any deal has less and less value. As of today he will not be playing 2017 at high a level as if he had been in camp learning the new scheme and coaching staff. Instead he is getting out of football shape by the day and (as NFL history teaches us) closer and closer to a “I just signed my big contract and want to prove my value in my first game back injury.”

#ComeOnMan – each side need to give a little and get pen to paper so both parties can get real value out of a deal that is going to happen anyhow.

Today is a good day to get it done. Tomorrow isn’t bad either.

What say you Sports Nation?

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