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Are Rams Playing With Aaron Donald Fire?

Aaron Donald

The Washington Redskisn had the man they wanted and needed at QB. However, after multiple large contract mistakes, the club froze like a deer in the headlights as opportunity after opportunity to sign the player to a long-term contract came and went with no resolution.

The Redskins were warned by everyone. If you don’t lock up your franchise QB he’s going to walk because you won’t be able to afford him.

Cousins is now with the Minnesota Vikings, Washington has an “elite-journeyman” QB at the helm. Which club do you think will make and go far in the playoffs this season? Washington is still in denial.

This offseason in LA has a reminiscent feel as it was just last offseason the Los Angeles Rams and it’s all-world DT Aaron Donald were embraced in “long-term” contract talks in the first year the uber-talented defensive tackle’s deal could be extended.

Last year both sides were very polite in the press and were “encouraged” by progress. Of course, Donald held out of voluntary activities and no matter how wonderful the two sides were in the media with one another backroom chatter had the two sides respectful, but not chummy at that juncture.

Flash forward to a month back as the club talked about signing the player who is in the final year of his rookie contract and current NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Rams HC Sean McVay related to the media the club was having a “really good dialogue” with Aaron Donald. Then yesterday McVay again revisited the subject when he stated “He’s responding more than he was at this time last year, so that’s what I feel good about” and that is cause for pause.

First off, the coach is throwing public shade. He is intimating that Donald’s ‘side’ was not easy to work with and “they” are the ones that are dragging things out.

Hey coach. Do you have a phone? Pick it up. I bet you dollars AND doughnuts Aaron Donald and his agent will take your call. The NFL watched as the Redskisn front office played these same cards. Here’s an option. Negotiate in good faith. Either pay the man or thank him for his service, trade him and move on. Making back-hand comments to try and wrangle public support is indicative of one thing, negotiations are not going well. So why say otherwise when so much is in play? It’s mind-boggling.

Sean McVay is in his honeymoon period with the team and is riding on cloud nine after last seasons success. The club had a chance to extend Donald last season and deemed it was too expensive. So after not getting the job done last year, they are now negotiating with the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the year. Do they somehow think he got cheaper?

Sigh him or not McVay, but you are doing damage with your rep if you keep giving spin instead of truth in regards to players contracts. Especially when they are one of the best, if not the best, in the league. Players talk with each other. So do their agents.

The clock is ticking for Sean McVay and the Rams. The ball is in their court. We realize McVay is an offensive minded coach. However, let’s be clear. Without that defense, they’ve got nothing but regular-season-feel-good to sell to a fanbase that wants a Lombardi Trophy after years of suffering Jeff Fisher mediocrity.

Get the man signed. The Rams Super Bowl window based on building a team under the blessings of a rookie QB contract closes shortly. Don’t blow it.

What say you Sports Nation?

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