Is The Forbes Deal Too Much For Khalil Mack?

Forbes came out with an article today suggestion the 49ers should trade for Khalil Mack. I’ve heard this theme since the pro bowl defensive end chose to stay home until he receives a new contract. The offer Forbes came up with is both intriguing and steep.

Let’s make a deal

Picture yourself in Santa Clara, you’re general manager John Lynch. The phone rings and it’s general manager Reggie Mackenzie, hey John I have an offer for you. I’m listening, says Lynch. I’ll give you Kahlil Mack, but I want Arik Armstead, Jimmie Ward and your 2019 first and second-round picks.

Your jaw drops because the thought of Mack, along with DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas wreaking havoc to opposing offensive lines, sounds amazing. But at the same time, it is a hefty price tag. Not only the players and the picks but Mack wants to get paid and he deserves to get paid. He has never missed a game. He keeps his nose clean on and off the field. The guy is an absolute monster. But is the cost worth it for the 49ers, does the move make sense?

Is it too much?

Ward and Armstead, both former first-round picks from 2014 and 2015 respectively, have shinned. But they have not lived up to their full potential, or at least lived up to their draft capital. Both have been plagued with injuries, Ward missed the final nine games of the season last year with a broken forearm and then was placed on injured reserve. He also missed five games the previous year with a strained quadriceps. Armstead has not played a full season since his rookie year and is currently dealing with a hamstring issue.

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When I play fantasy football I have the mindset to take the proven player over the rookies and the draft picks. But this isn’t fantasy football, this is the NFL. But is it really so different? I would rather have a proven Khalil Mack, in his prime, still playing at the top of his game, then draft a couple maybes. We have seen enough busts in the first two rounds to tell me the draft capital is worth spending on a player like Mack. But Armstead and Ward as well? Obviously replacing Armstead with Mack is a no-brainer, but also Ward? I’m going to say yes, send them both players and the picks.

Make the Deal!!!

Money is not the issue. Together, both Armstead and Ward are set to make 11 million this season and Armstead is due to make nine million next season. The 49ers still have plenty of money left under the cap. Ward is a free agent after this season. Has he shown enough to sign a new contract? He is not even the current starter, Richard Sherman is the starter. I know there are questions surrounding his health, but to have a pass rusher like Mack, I would take the gamble.

Remember what I said in the beginning about picturing Mack alongside Buckner and Thomas. Watching the destruction these three would display on Sunday would be apocalyptic. Maybe the 49ers could tryout Jullian Taylor inside. The 49ers could have their very own four horsemen on the defensive line. Everyone would forget about the Rams pairing of Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald

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I’m not sure if this deal makes sense for the Raiders. I have always been in the camp of a deal will get done. But the season starts in three weeks and last I’ve heard they are not even talking. Does it really make sense for the Raiders to have Mack sit at home, when you could at least get something out of him? But the deal definitely makes sense for the 49ers. Pro Football Focus ranked the 49ers pass rush 19th in the league, how far would they jump if you replaced Armstead with Mack?

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

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