Nick Mullens: Who the Fook is That Guy

As you scroll through social media you may come across a tweet or post about someone not many people are familiar with. A popular gif you will see is the Conor McGregor who the fook is that guy gif. Scrolling through social media before last Thursday night and if you saw the name Nick Mullens who have seen the said gif.

Who is Nick Mullens?

Mullens signed with the 49ers last season as an undrafted free agent from Southern Miss. But he would spend the entire season on the practice squad. When we think of Southern Miss and quarterback, a guy by the name of Brett Favre comes to mind. Mullens surpassed a few of Favre’s stats at Southern Miss, including single-season passing yards, single-game passing yards, and career touchdowns. But after the 49ers acquired Jimmy Garoppolo in a trade and drafted third-round pick C.J. Beathard, Mullens life on the practice squad would appear to be never-ending.

In the first preseason game of the 2018 season, the 49ers were trailing the Cowboys. Nick Mullens would enter the game and lead the 49ers to a late touchdown and the victory. Thus the start of #Mullensmagic would begin on Twitter. He played ok for the remainder of the preseason but never recaptured the same magic as he did in game one.

Due to the season-ending knee injury to Garoppolo in Week 3, Mullens is promoted to the main roster to serve as Beathard’s backup. The 49ers with Beathard starting under center would lose the next five games. They were even flexed out of the Sunday night primetime game against the Rams, thank God.

After the 49ers loss to the Cardinals in a complete offensive meltdown, they were going to have a short week against the Raiders in the final Battle of the Bay. Beathard having suffered a wrist injury against the Cardinals couldn’t even grip the ball. Enter starting quarterback Nick Mullens. People even considered taking the Raiders defense in fantasy. Why not when the 49ers are starting a quarterback no one outside of 49ers fanbase has ever heard of.

#MullensMagic Isn’t Dead

If you watched the game last Thursday you now know who the fook is Nick Mullens. Mullens would lead the 49ers to a 34-3 win over the hapless Raiders. The team knows what they have in Beathard, let’s see what they have in Mullens.

Yes, we know how bad the Raiders defense is and how much they have appeared to have given up this season. But Mullens has better pocket awareness than Beathard. He goes through his progressions better, he hit eight different receivers against the Raiders. He was able to manipulate the defense with his eyes allowing receivers to get open. And talk about threading the needle the way he did on the George Kittle 71-yard pass to the Raiders six-yard line.

Rest of Season Starter?

I have heard the criticism that he may lack arm strength and zip on the ball. Let me say this, and believe me, I am not saying Mullens is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But they made a career out of reading and manipulating the defense and neither one are known for having a big arm or tons of zip on the ball. I’ll take a guy who can read the defense over the guy who can throw the ball 50 yards down the field but can’t read the presnap blitz coming.

Mullens may never win another game in his career. This may have been a fluke because it was against the Raiders defense. But in my opinion, Mullens has earned a chance to be the starting quarterback rest of season. He sparked new life into the 49ers.

If he wins three or four more games this season, should he not be considered the future backup for Garoppolo? Twitter knows who Mullens is since they verified him during the middle of the game last Thursday and now you know who the fook is Nick Mullens. #MullensMagic

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

Matt Woolsey

Matt Woolsey

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I was a December baby born in 1980. Married to my beautiful bride Jen for the past 15 years, and father of 3. Been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. I've been playing fantasy football for almost 20 years, been playing dynasty for the past 5 years. All I can say is I love the game.

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