Signs Portend End of Era – Seahawks

Pete Carroll

You don’t have to be a Voodoo priestess to read these signs. The Legion of Boom and a bruising running attack brought the Seahawks their first Lombardi in 2013 and had them one play away from a repeat and perhaps more as no team in the league could match their swagger on game day.

Instead, head coach Pete Carroll called a pass play at the goal line with the best running back in the NFL ready in the backfield and the ensuing game losing interception began the team’s immediate slide into mediocrity. Now, coming off a 9-7 record and watching the players that made them who they were walk, disgruntled, to other teams, the end of the era is officially anointed.

Gone are DE Cliff Avril, DE Michael Bennett, LB Bruce Irvin, RB Marshawn Lynch, OT Russell Okung and DB Richard Sherman. They are replaced by solid, yet unspectacular NFL talent. The Seahawks Swagger has left the building.

The nail in the coffin, however, was reading how offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was “very encouraged” by the progress of 34-year-old WR Brandon Marshall. There is so much wrong with that statement I hardly know where to begin.

First, when you use the words “offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer” and you’re talking about your team, you’ve just taken a step in the wrong direction on the offensive side of the ball. Second, when you are trying to convince the world that a 34-year-old WR who was injured all of the previous season has “something left in the tank” then try and do it at some time other than when he has just come off a seven snap, zero targets preseason game and then for darn sure don’t support your stance with comments like “…there’s some timing stuff. He and Russ are working through it.”

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The ‘Hawks still have plenty of talent. Yet they have clearly lost their swagger and no longer have the belief they are going to win every week. That ship has sailed.

The NFL is littered with good, solid coaches who got a bit lucky, had the talent all come together, made a nice run and came away with a Lombardi. The great ones, however, figure out how to do it more than once. Right now Pete Carroll is a good, solid coach. It remains to be seen if he can turn the corner and reshape this crew into a spearhead for another run.

Having Brian Schottenheimer as your right-hand man on offense doesn’t breed a lot of confidence. Of course, neither does “upgrading” your WR corps with a 34-year-old WR coming off a serious injury.

What say you Sports Nation?

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