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Interview with Wyoming LS Kolton Donovan

SportsTalkLine NFL Draft Talk

NFL Draft 2018 – LS Kolton Donovan

Wyoming LS Kolton Donovan took time out of his preparation for the 2018 NFL Draft to talk with Steven Van Over.

When you have over 400 consecutive, perfect game-day snaps you are on NFL teams radars. You are not a blip, you are a zeppelin. they know you’re there.

Donovan shares fascinating details in regards to his craft, game-day preparation, and the mental focus it takes to be perfect, which is in the job description for long snappers.

In full-time prep for the NFL Draft as he engages his months’ long job interview he is training hard with Arizona Elite Long Snapping, living in the gym and getting in his reps.

Click here for Kolton Donovan’s NFL Draft Profile.
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Van Over keeps it real, puts things in perspective and gives you an “up close” picture of a “top NFL Draft Prospect” for 2018.

STL NFL Draft Talk with LS Kolton Donovan

SportsTalkLine Podcast Steven Van Over

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