Interview with Vanderbilt LB Oren Burks

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NFL Draft 2018 – LB Oren Burks

Vanderbilt LB Oren Burks took time out of his preparation for the 2018 NFL Draft to talk with Connor Livesay.

The two Virginia boys get off on the right foot talking hometown knowledge. The 804 area code got plenty of homage and seriously, it could be a “Visit Virginia” promo. Eventually, they circle the wagon back to football. By then you are solidly in-pocket as the two are comfortably in sync and you get to sit back and enjoy the insight only a player in the midst of realizing their NFL dream can share.

Connor and Oren walk through the college recruitment process, the cup of coffee at safety that helped give Burks special insight and the final switch to his position of excellence and how he brings it all together as a hybrid player.


“… I think the game is moving towards more speed …. that’s where I step in …” – LB Oren Burks

Breakdowns on drills, skills, and mental focus Oren Burks is a cerebral player who is a special guy on AND off the field (you will be impressed by what he is doing!!!) you can’t say enough about this impressive young man and what he brings to a team from the locker room to game day.

You have to love the knowledge, passion, awareness and open honesty a guy like Burks brings to the party. One NFL team is going to get a very special player. You want it to be your team.

Livesay keeps it real, puts things in perspective and gives you an “up close” picture of a “top NFL Draft Prospect” for 2018.

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STL NFL Draft Talk with LB Oren Burks

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