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NFL Draft 2018 – TE Jake Roh

Boise State TE Jake Roh took time out of his preparation for the 2018 NFL Draft to talk with Connor Livesay.

At 6’3″, 228 lbs Jake is a tight end that has caught scouts eyes with his production, football IQ, and leadership. He makes a good listen as Connor walks him through his career at Boise State from his freshman perspective to his senior experience. The game day memories are choice.

“… my senior year was my most productive … ” – TE Jake Roh

Putting up 11 touchdowns on a season will catch an NFL scouts eye and Roh did just that. Roh only caught 9 of them, however, and it’s an interesting nugget as Connor gets him to share the “wildcat” story behind his rushing touchdowns.

Jake details the business side of the sport in preparation for his months-long interview. With a late pro-day of April 3rd fast approaching Roh is totally focused on the task at hand and fully aware of the importance of giving full attention to the minute, daily details in order to master this critical moment.

It’s the NFL Draft baby! Bose State TE Jake Roh is “all in.”

Livesay keeps it real, puts things in perspective and gives you an “up close” picture of a “top NFL Draft Prospect” for 2018.

STL NFL Draft Talk with TE Jake Roh

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