Marshall WR Tyre Brady NFL Draft Profile

Tyre Brady -WR – Marshall
Height -6’3″ Weight – 208 lbs
Twitter: @Tyre_Brady


Tyre Brady is one that can get separation on the field. He has good route running abilities and is a physical player. You can see his athleticism when it takes 7 players to tackle him. He is quick off the line of scrimmage and while some have said he is “lazy” that isn’t the case, he just notices when the play is over and gets ready for the next one which tells me he is attentive on the field.


One thing to note about Brady is his stiffness at the hips. When he’s jumping for the ball or reaching his hips aren’t as fluid as other WR’s. You can also see that on many occasions he will get tripped up on his own feet, and lacks the balance that he needs.


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Pro Comparison:

DJ Moore

Overall Review:

Overall you can say that Brady has speed, he can catch the ball and shift in and out of the lanes. He’s fast off the snap and has the athleticism and physicality to play his position. The areas he needs to focus on to succeed is digging his feet into the ground and balancing more. If he can get more fluid in his movements this will create more opportunities for catches.  Overall I predict him going late 4th round early 5th.

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Sammy J Miller

Sammy J Miller

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