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QB Josh Rosen NFL Draft Profile

Josh Rosen - QB


Throws the ball with consistent accuracy while under pressure. Doesn’t mind hanging in the pocket and throwing the football while getting hit. Love his ability to maneuver in the pocket when he feels it collapsing. Has a good feel for when to zip it, but also knows when to give the football some touch. Sneaky athlete, that can make plays with his feet in and out of the pocket. Goes through his progressions well, while also knowing he has to get the ball out quickly. Doesn’t shy away from throwing receivers open or into tight windows. Can be very aggressive in his down the field passing, but also is content with taking the check down and living to see another day. Shows flashes of having elite arm talent. Seems to be a really intelligent kid on and off the field, which some will argue because of his off the wall comments regarding school.

“No one in their right mind should have a football players schedule, and go to school.” – Josh Rosen QB UCLA


When he misses, it’s normally a big miss. While he normally is consistent, he is due for a really bad game or two a year. Has shown that his lack of velocity could lead to trouble at the next level (I also think ball velocity is severely overrated). On the whole he does do a good job of going through his progressions, he will go through spurts of staring down receivers too often. Can get too aggressive, which leads to questionable interceptions. Will need to improve his play fakes in order to be successful in the play action game.


Pro Comparison:

Eli Manning

Overall Review:

Josh Rosen is one of the most talented quarterbacks in this years draft class. Based solely on his arm talent, he’d likely be my QB1, but obviously there’s much more that goes into playing quarterback at the NFL level. I wish the UCLA offense had more talent on it, to give me a better evaluation, but Rosen is really one of the only weapons on that offense. With all that being said, Josh Rosen’s potential is through the roof. If Rosen can clean a few things up mechanically and work on reading defenses he has potential to be the best quarterback in recent years.

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