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Ball skills and confidence. McFadden trusts his speed, eyes and ability. This confidence allows him to make plays on passes that other defensive backs usually settle for making the tackle and limiting yards after the catch. McFadden shows the ability to transfer his intentions from covering a receiver or area to aggressively attacking the ball, often causing the illusion that he is the intended receiver. In the run game, McFadden is a willing tackler and shows an excitement when asked to blitz from his corner position. He excels at chasing ball carriers down the line for the backside tackle.


Body position. McFadden relies on athleticism so at times he may allow a receiver to gain the advantage when it comes to getting in position for a quick pass, especially slants. At times, (usually in zone coverage) McFadden will get caught looking in the backfield and allow a receiver to sneak behind him into the open area, but I’m sure that can be corrected.


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Pro Comparison:

Xavier Rhodes

Overall Review:

Tarvarus McFadden has elite level characteristics for his position. His motor is extremely high for an athlete of his caliber. When watching the tape he flashes across the screen even on plays on the opposite side of the field. Watching McFadden attack passes is a thing of beauty, his reaction time will eliminate the jump balls thrown in search of pass interference, McFadden attacks the ball and not the receiver, eliminating running into the receiver. Easily, a top three cornerback in this year’s draft.

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