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Watching many cornerbacks you will notice most are not willing tacklers. This is not the case with Duke Dawson. He jams up the receivers and is a competitive tackler. Dawson has a strong game IQ and can read the opposing team and project their plays. You can tell by his alertness on the field as he turns and watches and is dead on with navigating the routes. Dawson is a dual threat as he can play both man and zone coverage with extreme proficiency.


He is not quick off the ball and it takes him a moment to get his momentum going. He lacks the stereo-typical size of a CB, which gives a larger receiver some leverage.


Overall Review:

Duke Dawson is going to be one of those players you remember for years to come. From his caring personality to his humbleness. That is however not to be taken as meaning he can’t hold his own on the field because that is far from the reality. One of the things that makes him unique is that he is a capable and willing tackling CB, and when he is less frisky he will still jam up the receivers. Dawson has the versatility to play man coverage, press, and zone. While you may have to give him a minute to warm up after the snap of the ball; I feel it will be game over once he gets the momentum going.

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