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LS Kolton Donovan NFL Draft Profile

Long Snapper – Wyoming 

Twitter: @koltondonovan91


The three most important things for a long snapper are:

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

When you have over 400 (consecutive) perfect, game-day snaps on your resume, you’ve got the consistency thing down. Meet Kolton Donovan.

The word famous is rarely used in a positive fashion in regards to long snappers. If you’re famous, it generally means you made a mistake. Kolton doesn’t have that problem as he would definitely need his American Express card when going out. The man doesn’t make mistakes on the field.

When you look at his training stats his consistency is plain to see. He keeps a snap-time (right around .69 seconds) that doesn’t waver. His ball “snaps” back with urgency and on the proverbial “frozen rope” trajectory.

Calm and focused he is able to get his snap off, then get up the field in coverage on punts under control and in his proper lane. An all-around athlete growing up who has a great family connection to the sport (father).

Trains with Arizona Elite Long Snapping which has a measured, scientific approach to the skill run by Coach Ben Bernard who had nothing but superlatives to pass on when asked about Kolton. You could hear the pride. That speaks volumes.


He missed his final collegiate season recovering from a knee injury. Availability is a skill in the NFL. This undoubtedly knocks him down a peg on most NFL boards.

Pro Comparison:

L.P. LaDouceur

Overall Review:

Superior technical expertise enclosed in a perfect physical platform. 6’4″, 250 lbs puts him at a perfect size/weight ratio to excel at the position.

Full comprehension of the physics, mechanics, and mental focus needed to excel.

A full-time gym-rat who understands his mind is the key to getting superior results from his body.

A team player who thrives in the locker room and has great team chemistry.

You want this guy on your special teams.



NFL Draft Talk Interview:

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