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White has ice in his veins. He sticks in the pocket and doesn’t get bothered by incoming pressure from the defense. He keeps his feet underneath of him and doesn’t get antsy with his footwork. White has above-average velocity on short to intermediate passes and can push the ball down the field with relative ease. Shows good awareness regarding the amount of air to put under his deep balls.When the circumstances around him aren’t a total disaster (45 sacks) he proved he can put up some extremely impressive numbers when you combine that arm talent with his accuracy. He isn’t consistently pinpoint, but he understands what pace he needs to put on the ball to be effective and delivers the ball inside of the receivers catch radius more often than not. He’s no Mike Vick, but he has enough athleticism to take a few yards on a scramble from time to time.


White needs to show that he trusts his receivers and his arm more at times throwing with anticipation before the receiver breaks on his route. It’s not a huge issue with White, but he needs to be more consistent with it. There is a little Eli Manning in White in regards to his inability to shake off would-be sacks. This may have been a tactic born of self-preservation behind a line that tried getting him killed every Saturday, but it is worth noting regardless. He also had 12 fumbles this season (lost 6) and will need to take better care of the ball against contact on Sunday’s.


Pro Comparison:

Zach Mettenberger

Overall Review:

There were outlets in the draft media that had Mike White as the top Senior quarterback coming into this season. The year was a bit of a disappointment, but he provides the upside as a developmental quarterback that you don’t get from most of the mid-round prospects. He has a live arm, and if he can improve against the blitz and have a bit of a quicker trigger, we could see White as a possible starter somewhere down the road.

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Dalton Miller

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