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Looking in the Crystal Ball at Houston Texans 2019 NFL Draft

Let’s start by saying many Houston Texan fans are thrilled that their team made it to the playoffs this 2018 season. While there is some cause for celebration there is also a lot of work that needs to be taken care of since their loss to the Colts. As typical following a loss of a playoff game some fans chant the tired rhetoric of “get a new QB.” Let’s be clear. Given the Texans expenditure over the past few years on QBs’ they finally have Deshaun Watson. A quarterback worth grooming and being patient with.

So what exactly can the Texans do to make an impact during the 2019 draft?  This year they have several rounds to play with and a great upgrade for their offense in Round 1: 23 would perhaps be picking up an OT along the lines of Yodny Cajuste.

In addition to Houston’s first-round selection, they double it up in the second round with two picks and these two selections should prove critical in getting the Texans to the next level.

2nd at 22 pick and 2nd at 23rd. Still thinking offense because we can’t leave Watson scrambling around. More help along the line is a must but let’s not forget a TE that can make a difference with one of these selections as well.

Some of the other options they have to pick up a LB and CB and possibly a RB is in the Texans 3rd, 5th and 6th rounds and then any additional needs should be able to be addressed in free agency.

The Texans came close this season. In order to take the next step they need more talent and wisely they should consider surrounding their QB of the future with the majority of it.

Sammy J Miller

Sammy J Miller

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I'm a mom of 3 wonderful children and wife. My husband and I coach youth football together. Well engaged sports writer and independent scout for High school - College until claimed by my future employer! I am a loyal Aggie, Texans, and Cowboys fan!

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