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Cowboys Draft Strategy 2016 – Turn Up The Volume

Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft
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The 2016 NFL Draft is coming. Time for some Dallas Cowboys draft strategy. Let’s start off (of course) with a few observations about this iteration of the NFL Draft before bringing it all together with a lynch pin strategy approach. Word on the street is QB’s drive the draft. Not so fast. Depth and type of talent are more important in dictating the flow of the draft. Nuance is the wild card. QB’s do drive the top of the draft. Not much top tier QB talent? Another position group moves up the boards. How far depends on how deep the group is. The 2016 NFL Draft is VERY anemic in blue chip talent. The two “injured” OLB’s are both blue chippers. One should play this year. The other may never play. After them you have one Ezekiel Elliott, blue chip running back. That’s it. Will there be a “blue chipper” that will reveal themselves after the draft? Every year. However the die has been cast for the prenuptial contract dance and when you have a defensive end who doesn’t haveRead More