Gary Kubiak

Head Coach Gary Kubiak
Denver Broncos

Baker Mayfield - QB

Team Needs for the Denver Broncos

The 2017 NFL season was an utter failure and disappointment for players, coaches and fans alike. Despite their being no easy way to sugar coat such a year, the way to success has been shown through the mistakes made this season. The first changes to the team have already started with the firing of offensive …

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John Elway

Are The Denver Broncos Looking To The Playoffs Or The Draft?

The 2017 Broncos have been viewed by the players, fans and staff; as not just terrible, but downright embarrassing. While this may come off as harsh there is some truth to this. Denver started off 2-0 with a nail biter of a game against Los Angeles, to a mile high beat-down of Dallas; looking from …

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Tyrod Taylor

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor Could Solve Broncos Offensive Riddle

Denver, Colo – On Wednesday morning, Vance Joseph announced that the Denver Broncos would replace Trevor Siemian with Brock Osweiler.  Osweiler started seven games for Denver during their 2015 Super Bowl season, but is he the answer to Denver’s problems? Osweiler recently returned to Denver after being cut by the Browns – he previously was …

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Von Miller

The Broncos Offseason is Officially Over

The Denver Broncos reported for training camp on Thursday. Training camp can be rightfully labeled as boring, but at least it signals the end of the offseason. Denver is staring down the barrel at a compelling 2017 season, at least from an outside perspective. You know the issues they face, and the narratives they are …

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Behold the New Fantastic Four

Long-time readers are familiar with the Fantastic Four concept.  I’ve long slammed preseason annuals because they usually take last year’s standings, shuffle the playoff teams just a little, and add a ”surprise team” to the predictions. The NFL standings churn ferociously in the cap era.  On average, half the playoff teams in a given year …

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NFL Coaching Carousel Filled With Kids

Last year, before the season started, some pundits predicted there would be little coaching movement this offseason because of uncertainty over the CBA negotiations. Five days into January that theory has been disproven.  Four teams, the Cowboys, Broncos, 49ers and Vikings, dumped their leaders during the campaign. Cleveland and Carolina and Oakland have since dismissed …

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The Broncos Butterfly Effect

Choices have consequences.  In Pat Bowlen’s case, his head coaching choice two years ago impacted nine franchises not his own.  His firing of head coach Josh McDaniels Monday abruptly ended the biggest talent giveaway in recent NFL memory.  A review of McDaniels’ miscues shows how Bowlen’s initial choice rippled through the league, and ripped the …

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