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Buccaneers vs Ravens – Week 15 Game Preview

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-8) at Baltimore Ravens (7-6) What’s up everybody.  How are you doing this wonderful whatever it is right now?  I’ve got a lot of great info to share so let’s jump right into it. You need to know: DeSean Jackson is out again this week with a thumb injury, it is looking …

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Week 14 Buccaneers Game Preview

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7) vs. New Orleans Saints (10-2) What’s up, everyone?  I got my Buccaneers Snuggie on but I am not comfortable.  I am not warm. I am not fuzzy.  I am pissed.  The Buccaneers win two straight games and all I can think about is the missed opportunities.  Tampa lost four games this …

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Panthers at Buccaneers – Week 13 Preview

Carolina Panthers (6-5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) Week 13: Game Preview What’s up family, friends, and fellow football lovers?  It’s me, Mike Osborne, writing to you live from the Buccaneers beat desk here in sunny but freezing (for me) Florida.  It was 45° this morning and I honestly considered staying in bed all day.  …

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Week 11: Buccaneers at Giants Pregame

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) at New York Giants (2-7) What’s up sports friends.  It’s me, your Buccaneers wartime consigliere, Mike Osborne and make no mistake Bucs fans this game could be a battle.  Nobody told Eli Manning and company that the Giants are tanking this season and they actually went out and won a game …

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Buccaneers Beat Themselves – Again

The Redskins watch the Buccaneers beat themselves and sometimes you gotta just laugh.  There are only so many red zone interceptions, missed kicks, and lost fumbles that you can watch before it starts to become kinda funny, and predictable. But I won’t focus on that, let’s find some things to be positive about. The best …

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Giants NFL Draft

Giants Need More than a Quarterback

At the halfway point of another dismal season for the New York Giants, there have been two battle cries from the Big Blue fan base to help improve the organization. The first one has been going on for several seasons now and that is to improve the offensive line. The second has come about more …

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The Buccaneers Battle at Bank of America

Game Preview: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) at Carolina Panthers (5-2) What’s up sports friends!  It’s me, Mike Osborne, your third favorite person ever and the most interesting sportswriter in my home, usually.  The Buccaneers bounce to Charlotte to combat division rival Panthers.  Jameis Winston has been turning over the ball too much and the Bucs …

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Helmet

Buccaneers Journey to “The Jungle”

Buccaneers Game Preview Week 8:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) What is up sports friends?  My name is Mike Osborne and I am the single greatest sportswriter ever, for real.  You don’t believe me?  See for yourself. Go back and read everything I have written for this site and then tell me …

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Buccaneers vs Falcons Preview

Week 6 Game Preview (2-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers at (1-4) Atlanta Falcons What is up football friends?  It’s me your favorite Bucs beat writer.  I am hype because this Sunday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to face division rival Atlanta Falcons in what will almost certainly be a shootout.  Fantasy footballers will be watching this …

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Bears beat up Buccaneers

What is up everybody?  It’s me your favorite Buccaneers beat writer.  I know one of you out there thinks I’m awesome and I’m talking directly to you, Dad, lmao.  My dad doesn’t read what I write.  I send him links and he’s like, “Nahhhh, I’m good.” I’m playing my dad’s cool.  It’s just a joke.  …

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